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About Us


The story of DETSA from yesterday to today…

Detsa Since 1977

Started in 1977…

Detsa Trafo, which started its first step as a small family company in the energy sector with the late Ragıp YILMAZ in 1977, continues its steady growth with the investments made from past to present. Our staff, which specializes in metal processing and assembly, has become a preferred company for many years by the leading Transformer manufacturers in the market.

First periods…

In the process of growth, we replace the low-tech construction products that we have already manufactured; In recent years, we have received transformer and boiler accessories which undergo very precise manufacturing procedures and which constitute a significant complementary production stage of the Transformer industry, subject to the latest technology testing and calibration controls.

Long-term success…

With the energy sector that we have met the demands of metal construction for many years, with the confidence of being able to speak the same language; In the production of metal components we produce in the quality and specifications required in the sector, starting from the pre-operations of the raw metals, we can serve with capacities above the average of our sector in separate production lines for machining, assembly welding, sandblasting, painting, dismantling and reassembly stages.

We grew up…

As DETSA family; We have been evaluating the synergy obtained by combining our warm and intimate relationships with our partners, executives, employees and customers with a professional perspective, DETSA Transformer, which has all the ISO Quality Certificates that have more than 100 employees and 6,000 m² closed area..

In 2014, with the participation of Serhat ÖZ, Board Member and Company Manager, to the Detsa family, he determined his direction according to the bigger targets and he walked towards these goals with his confident and bold steps. Serhat OZ, who used his experience in the fields of commerce and management which he gained in European countries for many years to come to these days, has been; By determining future targets at high horizons, it enriches its staff and directs the high energy of Anatolian geography in order to have larger shares in the Energy Sector.

Our sector has a competitive environment with its own characteristics. Qualified technical staff, management team and know-how accumulation; the most important competitive advantages in this sector. In our industry; For our customers, the price advantage for our competitors has always been the competitive factor in the second place. As Detsa we; with the production technology that is renewed every day all over the world; energy sector, which has a very dynamic structure, we follow the needs with simultaneous development moves. So much so; Since 2014, our R & D department has been continuing its activities within our company; With the support of MARKA, TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB and expert engineers; has made serious contributions to manufacturing processes in areas such as welding tracking, precision turning, CNC programming, laser cutting.
DETSA 1977 - 1

Our Works


Heavy Steel Constructions

With our flexible manufacturing processes, we have been successfully implementing project-based special manufacturing orders for all sectors, primarily the energy sector, for many years. Thanks to our production area and machine park capacity we proudly offer to our customers, we are able to manufacture heavy metal in special sizes in our own world.

Metal Processing

By mobilizing the technological possibilities that we have achieved through the harmonious work of our Project Management, Manufacturing, AR-GE and quality units, we have meticulously processed a variety of steel materials in our machine park, which consists of highly sensitive and automated systems.

Exclusive Welded Constructions

Mortar between the bricks of the buildings and the basic elements holding the nails together in the wooden structures is the most important factor which ensures that the weld metal structure stays together in the metals. We, as Detsa, show all the necessary dedication to our welding technology and workmanship in our production processes.


Steel Sandingblasting

The sandblasting process for preparing the metal surfaces before dyeing is carried out in our high-capacity special sanding chambers. Small, medium, large, complex geometric structures and sensitive parts can be sandblasted into our bodies.

Steel Painting

All kinds of metal surface primer and topcoat applications are made by our experienced employees in our factory. Appropriate painting procedures are applied according to the ground and the paint thickness is subject to continuous quality control processes at micron level.

R & D

Our company has made very serious contributions to manufacturing processes in fields such as welding, precise lathe, CNC programming, laser cutting with support of AR-GE unit, MARKA, TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB collaborations and expert engineer staff.


Main Products

• Power Transformer Tank Manufacturing
• Compression Steel Production
• Cooling System Manufacturing
• Battery Type Cooling System Production
• Air Cable Box Manufacturing

• Oil Cable Box Manufacturing
• Conservator
• Dom-Shell Producing
• Ladder Production
• Console Manufacturing
• Traverse Production

Sub Group Products

• Machining
• Metal Painting
• Metal Sandblasting


Welding Types

Our Welding Technology program provides training in;

• GMAW (under gas arc welding)
• SMAW (electric arc welding)
• PAC (plasma arc cut)
• FCAW (cored arc welding)
• OAC (oxyacetylene welding)
• SAW  (Submerged arc welding)
• EGW (electrogas welding)


• Magnetic Test
• Ultrasonic Test
• Penetrant Test
• Leake Test
• Pressure Test
• Visual Test


• Level 2 Certificate available
TS EN ISO 9712 : 2013 MT2

• Level 1 Certificate available
TS EN ISO 9712 : 2013 UT1

ISO 3834 Originated Manufacturing Qualification

Collaborations and References

Collaborated Institutions


Our Certificates

Quality Management System
ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001: 2004 and
OHSAS 18001: 2007
Certified in accordance with the standard.


Contact information

Çerkeşli OSB Mahallesi İmes 1 Bulvarı No: 9 Dilovası
Kocaeli / TURKEY
+90 262 641 67 67
+90 262 641 67 70

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